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It’s that time of the year again! Spring is in the air, and home and garden shows are popping up across the country. If you’ve got a home and bath remodel on your mind, this is the season to gather inspiration from local home shows. 

Visiting a home show can be both exciting and overwhelming. With dozens of exhibitors showcasing their shiny new products and tempting you with sweet deals and irresistible offers, knowing where to look and what to do can be confusing. Our team at Bath Experts has put together this handy guide to make the most out of your upcoming home and garden show visit. This guide helps you maximize your time at the show to absorb as much information as possible and get started on your home and bathroom projects with confidence. 

1. Wear your comfiest pair of walking shoes

Prepare to spend most of your time walking, standing, or slow-moving at the show. Save your stilettos and fancy footwear for elsewhere, as the wrong shoes can cause you to slow down or even abandon your plans for the day if your legs start to ache or blister. Choose a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and you’re ready to conquer the event. 

2. Make a plan 

Research the event before you head down to the convention center. Check the show’s official website for the complete list of exhibitors, special events, and other exciting features. Several home and garden shows have celebrity home decorators and interior designers sharing their design tips and tricks. Note the unique events you’re interested in, and plan your schedule accordingly. 

3. Purchase your tickets in advance 

Yes, you can purchase the entry tickets at the home show venue. However, you’re likely to save a few bucks when you buy it online. Additionally, online ticket-holders often receive additional benefits like priority parking, early entry, etc. Furthermore, if you’re planning to drive, arrive early to land the best parking spots. 

4. Ask the experts 

You can connect with design experts and contractors at a home and garden show. Our experienced team is eager to answer visitor questions when we exhibit at a home show. We offer free advice and guidance on bathroom renovation and remodeling. So, don’t feel shy. Prepare a list of questions about your upcoming bathroom remodeling project and take it along with you to gain valuable insights and the best product recommendations from the experts. 

5. Take advantage of free consultations 

Several exhibitors offer free consultations and exclusive discounts to show visitors. Take advantage of these one-on-one consultation sessions to get ideas, inspiration, and expert guidance for your upcoming home and bath renovation projects. Share photos and measurements of home projects you’re planning to get recommendations for the most-suited products. 

6. Give yourself plenty of time 

Even the most modest home show requires several hours to complete the circuit. Instead of rushing through booth after booth, take your time to converse with exhibitors and understand their products and services. That said, you might not be able to see everything. So, prepare a list of items and booths you want to take advantage of and check them out as soon as you enter the convention center. 

7. Make it a family outing

Many garden and home shows are kid-friendly and have several special activities for kids and pets. Check out the website for special events geared to the little ones, and make the day a fun, family-friendly outing, along with your home shopping. 

If a tub or shower remodel is on your home show to-do list, Bath Experts can show you a variety of options and complete your project in as little as one day. Check our events page to stay updated on the home and garden shows we’ll be exhibiting at, and visit one that’s happening near you. Drop into our booth and say “Hi” to our friendly team, who is eager to answer any questions you might have about your bathroom renovation project. They can help schedule your free design consultation to learn more about our products and get access to exclusive promotions.