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Are you tired of your old bathtub and dreaming of a more modern, spacious shower? You’re not alone. Many homeowners are choosing to convert their traditional tubs into sleek, walk-in showers. Not only does this upgrade enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, but it also increases functionality and accessibility. Here’s a detailed guide to help you understand the process and benefits of a tub-to-shower conversion.

Why Convert?

Increased Space and Accessibility

Converting a tub to a shower can make a bathroom feel more spacious and open. It’s also an excellent choice for those who find stepping into a bathtub challenging, as walk-in showers offer better accessibility.

Modern Look

A walk-in shower gives your bathroom a clean and contemporary look. With various design options available, you can customize your shower to fit your style and preferences.

Enhanced Resale Value

Bathrooms are a critical factor in home valuation. Upgrading from a tub to a shower can increase your home’s market appeal and potentially boost its resale value.

Step-by-Step Conversion Process

Embarking on a bathroom renovation can be daunting, but understanding the process can ease your concerns. Below, we outline our detailed step-by-step conversion process for transforming your old tub into a modern walk-in shower. This guide aims to show you exactly what to expect during the transformation, from the initial planning and design to the final touches, ensuring your new shower not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Read on to discover how we can turn your bathroom renovation dream into reality.

1. Planning and Design

We start by taking accurate measurements of your current bathroom space to ensure your new shower fits perfectly. We help you decide on the layout, type of shower base, and whether you’ll use a frame or frameless shower enclosure. We’ll also discuss the fixtures and accessories you desire (showerhead, grab bars, shower seat, etc).

2. Demolition

On the day of installation, we remove the existing bathtub, which might involve some heavy lifting and demolition. Our team is careful to limit the dust and debris during the demolition.

3. Installation of New Shower Base

We prepare the floor for the new shower base, ensuring it is level. Then, we install the shower pan, making sure it’s well-sealed against leaks.

4. Waterproofing

This is crucial to prevent water damage. We apply a waterproof membrane around the area, especially around the edges and where the walls meet the floor.

5. Wall Installation

You can choose from various styles of wall systems. We offer a variety of textures and colors, all of which allow for quick installation with less maintenance.

6. Plumbing Adjustments

There may be adjustments to the plumbing to fit your new shower. This can involve moving drains and installing new shower controls.

7. Adding Fixtures and Accessories

We’ll install the shower head, faucets, and any other fixtures. If you choose accessories like shelves and grab bars, we’ll install those options.

8. Final Touches

Our team will seal the edges with caulk to prevent water leakage, and we’ll install the shower doors last to complete your new walk-in shower.

Maintenance Tips

Once the installation is finalized, we’ll give you instructions about when it’s safe to use your brand-new shower. We’ll also provide a care and cleaning guide as a reference for when it’s time to freshen up the shower. It’s also a good idea to consider:

  • Regular Cleaning: Use non-abrasive cleaners to keep your shower looking new and to prevent grime and soap scum buildup.
  • Check Seals Regularly: Inspect and replace caulking and seals as needed to keep the shower watertight.
  • Water Softeners: If you have hard water, consider installing a water softener to prevent mineral buildup on your fixtures.

We Are Your Local Bath Experts

A tub-to-shower conversion is a fantastic way to update your bathroom and make it more functional and appealing. While it can be a significant project, the results are often worth the effort, providing a beautiful and practical space in your home. Whether you decide to DIY this project or hire professionals, planning and quality materials are key to a successful transformation. Ready to take the next step? Schedule your free consultation and start your bathroom transformation today!