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As we draw the curtains on another successful year at Bath Experts, it’s heartwarming to reflect on the lives we’ve touched through our “Baths for the Brave” initiative. Our latest projects, two stunning tub-to-shower conversions for Gary L. Maschinot and Larry Turner, stand as a testament to our commitment to giving back to those who’ve served our nation. This wasn’t just a cosmetic upgrade; it was an enhancement of safety and functionality, ensuring these bathrooms remain a secure space for years.

Our president, Jeff Worzala, speaks with WISH-TV about Baths For The Brave.

Inside the Mission with Jeff Worzala

Jeff Worzala, the President of Bath Experts, sheds light on the ethos behind “Baths for the Brave.” This unique program identifies veterans in need, providing them with a safe bathing space at no cost. Over the past few years, our involvement has been more than just a corporate responsibility; it’s been a heartfelt endeavor. Tying these installations around Veterans Day, we were thrilled to complete two projects last month, one in Indianapolis, Indiana, and another in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Art and Science of Renovation

Our goal is straightforward: complete each renovation within a day. This swift turnaround doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. In fact, our recent projects included the conversion of tubs to walk-in showers, complete with safety accessories – a critical aspect for many veterans. The transformation is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The herringbone wall system, matte black fixtures, grab bars, and seating options exemplify our commitment to style, safety, and comfort. And all done in just one day.

Watch a one-day installation unfold from start to finish.

Before and After: A Tale of Transformation

The project’s impact is visually striking in the before-and-after photos. From traditional tub and shower spaces to modern, safe, and elegant walk-in showers, the change is remarkable. The process involves stripping down to the studs and rebuilding with precision and care, all within a day. These images aren’t just a showcase of our work; they’re a window into the enhanced quality of life for our veterans.

Maschinot Before/After

Turner Before/After

A Heartfelt Mission

Participating in “Baths for the Brave” goes beyond business for us at Bath Experts. It’s a heartfelt contribution to the community, a way to honor those who’ve served our country. The involvement of our entire team in these projects reflects our collective spirit of gratitude and respect for our veterans.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to more opportunities to serve, our journey with “Baths for the Brave” continues to be a source of pride and inspiration. It’s not just about remodeling spaces; it’s about transforming lives, one veteran at a time. We remain committed to this noble cause, eagerly anticipating the smiles and comfort our work brings to our brave heroes.

Thank you, Gary L. Maschinot, Larry Turner, and all the veterans, for your service and sacrifice. Here’s to a safer, more beautiful future for each one of you.

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