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Many of us like to keep our homes up to date with current trends. Unfortunately, we often don’t have the time or patience for a long-drawn-out home improvement project. But one trend popping up in many new homes isn’t complicated: the walk-in shower. A bathroom remodel sounds like a major inconvenience, but it does not have to be! Bath Experts provides quick and easy upgrades for wet-area remodels. Specializing in tub-to-shower, tub and shower replacements, and walk-in tub remodels, Bath Experts can typically complete projects in as little as one to two days.

How It Works

While some walk-in showers take up the whole bathroom, often with multiple shower heads, this is not very practical for most of us. Much of this space goes unused and is therefore unnecessary for a walk-in shower. The Jacuzzi® walk-in shower systems that Bath Experts installs will actually fit in the existing dimensions of most showers and bathtubs.

A walk-in shower will make the bathroom feel larger, even though no extra space is added to the bathroom. The low threshold of the Jacuzzi® walk-in showers offered by Bath Experts gives the room an open, less cluttered quality that is often lacking with other bathtubs and showers. The transition between the walk-in shower and the rest of the bathroom is seamless.

As the new walk-in shower will be installed in the existing space, this renovation project will take very little time (usually 1-2 days) and have a long-lasting impact.

Jacuzzi® Showers

Get the same personal pampering associated with Jacuzzi® tubs. These walk-in showers allow for various customization options:

  • Shower Base: A variety of different styles and color options available, including a built-in bench seating option, square or rectangular shapes, and end-drain or central-drain configurations, to name a few.
  • Shower Heads and Sets: Multiple finishing options are available, including brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and polished chrome. Hand-held sprayers with adjustable settings or wall-mounted showerheads are available to choose from.
  • Safety & Accessibility: A range of options to make your bathing space safe and comfortable include – grab bars, seating, quick drain tubs, and low threshold options.
  • Other Accessories: Other accessories include shelving options and seating options. Having a seat built into the shower will make the shower more accessible and safer, creating a simple pleasure at the end of a long day. Multiple shelving options will ensure there is always space for the shampoo, conditioner, and whatever other bath accessories might find their way into the shower.

How Much Space Is Needed For A Walk-in Shower?

The answer is quite simple: as much as the bathtub or shower in the bathroom is already taking up. No extra space is required to get this modern and beautiful shower upgrade. Bath Experts will install the new Jacuzzi® walk-in shower in one to two days, so you will hardly notice this home renovation while it is happening, but it will be eye-catching when it is finished! Relax and recharge with the personal pampering of a Jacuzzi® walk-in shower.