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Your bathroom is dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the emergency room each year with a washroom injury. A shower remodel is among the best ways to avoid an accident. Installing bars and seats or converting your tub to a shower with the help of the Bath Experts drastically reduces your chance of injury.

Why do I need to be concerned about my bathroom?

Common sense dictates that we use extra caution near wet surfaces. Although most people are careful in the bathroom, there are still 235,000 slip and fall incidents each year.

Fifty percent of accidents involve people over the age of 85, with a hospitalization rate of 14 percent. Even the best-laid plans can fail in the bathroom.

Dangers in the bathroom

Many dangers are lurking in our bathrooms. Water may leak onto the floor from the tub, sink, shower, or toilet.

The bath is the worst culprit, with 33 percent of emergency room trips involving exiting or entering the tub. Non-stick materials such as porcelain comprise most tubs whose up to fifteen-inch rims pose the risk of a severe head, neck, or back injury.

Can I make my bathroom safer?

Luckily, many products exist to counter the dangers posed by your bathroom. These products aim to give you something to hold or get rid of hazards like the tub rim.

We can install many features with a new tub or shower in under two days, such as:

  • Grab bars
  • Seating
  • A walk-in tub
  • Low threshold showers

In addition to installations, we also convert tubs to walk-in shower spaces. A walk-in shower with a textured shower base looks great compared with the drab white of your tub.

Should I remodel my shower?

You should at least consider a remodel since the tub or shower is one of the most accident-prone places in your bathroom, especially when living with the elderly. Improving your bathing space can be an easy solution to avoiding an accident.

Safety does not need to be ugly either. We work with top brands to transform your washroom into an enjoyable, beautiful safe space. Pamper yourself with the spray from a Jacuzzi shower and the warm look of marble tile.

Does a remodel increase my home value?

Considering a remodel for older bathes or when you are unsatisfied with the look or safety pays dividends. Homeowners saw as much as a 70% ROI after replacing their tubs with newer and safer models. Those with older bathrooms benefit the most. The average tub lasts fifteen years.

Home improvement projects of any kind have the potential to increase the value of your home. Tastefully completed modifications such as a tub to shower conversion increase home value. Even installing grab bars appeals to the right market.

A Shower Remodel for Safety

As a room where water continually finds its way onto the floor or other surfaces, bathrooms are inherently dangerous. A tub or shower remodel reduces the risk of injury and makes your home more appealing to the right buyer.

Get in touch with our friendly experts today to get started making your washroom a safer space.