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After spending quality time at home these past 19 months, are you ready to transform your outdated bathroom into the luxurious, spa-like sanctuary that you have been fantasizing about? If yes, then it is time for you to reach out to the experts—Bath Experts—a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer.

Over 50 Years of Experience

Co-owners Steve Woodward, Jeff Worzala, Curt Brown and Bob Camire have a combined 50 years of home improvement experience in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Two of the four owners live in Carmel, one resides in Zionsville, and the fourth lives in Crawfordsville.

In addition to their experience, every team member who does installations is an employee who is also factory-trained and certified.

Bathroom Renovation Done in as Little as a Day

Bath Experts specializes in bathroom renovations, including tub-to-shower conversions, tub replacement and the installation of walk-in tubs.

If you’ve been delaying upgrading your bathroom for years and years because of the unknown potential cost or because you don’t feel it’s a definite need, the Bath Experts team offers two assurances for you: A rep will be out within a day or two—no waiting a week or longer for someone to show up—and you will receive an estimate that day.

Once the project has commenced, the installation technicians will work as quickly and as quietly as they can to minimize any disruption to your daily life and to finish your project as swiftly as possible.

When you call Bath Experts, installation can be completed in as little as one to two days. There is no need to wait what seems like forever to use your bathroom again—or to enjoy using your new shower or tub.

Worzala added, “Everything [from designing to scheduling out the project] is done in the home. First, we schedule an appointment with the homeowner and we identify the ‘need.’ Then we send a representative from our company out to the home, and they go over the samples and design the homeowner’s new tub or shower on an iPad, so the homeowners get a visual of what it’s going to look like in their home. They choose all the different options, and we provide an estimate based on what they’ve selected.”

Indiana’s Exclusive Jacuzzi Dealer—A Highly Trusted Name in the Industry

Bath Experts is the exclusive Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer in Indiana, Dayton/Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.

Bath Experts offers both tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions. If your bathroom is small, you may be considering converting your bathtub to a shower to free up space. Showers also use much less water than tubs and help to save on water costs. Alternatively, if you stand at work all day or have little ones, a bathtub may be a better option than a shower. Tub-shower combos can also be installed, appealing to shower-takers and tub-bathers alike.

Transform Your Bathroom and Make It Your Own

Bath Experts’ tubs and showers are made from nonporous acrylic that resists cracking, chipping and staining, so you can expect them to look good for years to come. The tubs and showers are also infused with an antimicrobial agent that resists mold and mildew growth, making them easier to maintain than your old tub or shower. All you need to do to clean them is wipe them down with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner.

You can select your bathtub or shower colors. Bath Experts has more than a dozen color options, ranging from traditional white to earth-toned stone and marble. You are also able to choose the tile texture and size that work best with your bathroom’s style and decor.

In addition to the many color selections, you can add optional features, such as built-in shelves to store soaps, shampoos and bathing accessories, seating, grab bars and a low threshold to make it easier to get in and out.

“The homeowner has a lot of different choices and options available to them,” Worzala stated. “Not only with regards to fixtures but with the wall system, colors, design options and accessories as well. They can customize their own space, and there’s so many great options for them to choose from.”

Warranty, Value and Financing Options

The quality and value that Bath Experts provides you is unmatched. They use top-of-the-line products from trusted name brands like Jacuzzi Bath Remodel.

Their products are backed by comprehensive lifetime manufacturer warranties that last as long as you own your home. They also offer financing. “We’ve got some pretty strong financing options,” said Worzala. “[Homeowners] can do a one-year, a five-year or a 10-year financing option. And we try to make the project as affordable as we can for them.”

An additional value that the Bath Experts team offers is in their exceptional service and speed of installation—completing more than half of their installations in as little as one day!

Growing Amid a Global Pandemic

Bath Experts opened its doors four months prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and throughout 2020, the owners maintained their focus on growing their company, creating the best company culture for their now 50-plus employees and providing the best customer experiences to their clients.

“COVID-19 definitely pushed our business in a big way,” Woodward stated. “It [the pandemic] knocked us back for about a month, and then we pivoted and saw a huge demand afterwards. We’ve experienced a lot of growth [in our company] since then. Last year, in 2020, we installed 350 jobs. We opened our Cincinnati location in November of 2020. Fast forward to this year, we’ve completed over 1,000 installations and we opened our Columbus location in September of 2021.” Bath Experts also opened a marketing/customer experience call center in Indianapolis. That 5,000- square-foot facility is the support center for all the Bath Expert regional offices.

“If you look at how we’ve taken care of our customers and read our Google reviews, you’ll see that doing the right thing for our customers is a super big focus for us,” Worzala shared. “We’ve been doing business for two-and-a-half years, and if you combine our Google and Facebook reviews, we are over 200 five-star reviews from homeowners. We are constantly working with our installers to ensure that they’re not just doing the right things in the customers’ homes but making sure that they’re asking the homeowners to share their feedback about their experiences.”

Woodward added, “Our mission is to treat the customer to a world-class experience and to be the very best employer in the home improvement space. We are trying to create a winning culture throughout our company—that has always helped us in the past, and it’s going to help us as move forward.”

Now Hiring!

As they are increasing the number of installations at an exponential rate, the owners are also growing their teams to meet the expanding demand for their services and products.

“We have 50-plus employees and are offering full health, dental and 401(k) plans for our employees,” Woodward said. “Our employees are important to us, and we want to be able to provide for them. We are currently hiring as we just opened our Columbus location. We have a full-time recruiter that’s employed by us, and we’re adding people to our team every week.”

Locally Owned and Involved

As a local company, Bath Experts is planning to be heavily involved in community events in the Indianapolis area.

As residents and business owners in the area, Woodward and Worzala expressed the importance of the owners of Bath Experts giving back to their communities, the Riley Children’s Foundation being one of their areas of interest and the primary focus of their philanthropy. Bath Experts is a supporter of Riley Children’s Foundation and for each of their Indiana customers, Bath Experts donates $25 to the foundation. The donations are made to support the Child Life Program with Riley at IU Health North. “Children’s hospitals, in general, affected both me and Jeff in our lives—significantly,” Woodward shared. “It feels great that this is where we landed on our [give-back] initiative.”

Worzala added, “We’ve grown from participating in little sponsorships here and there. In 2020, we started making monthly donations [$25 per customer], and within a year’s time, we donated $13,000 to Riley Children’s Foundation. We’re all super proud and excited to be a part of that program. We recently started the same thing in Cincinnati this past August with their children’s hospital. We were able to donate a little over $1,000, and we will continue this program as the years go on.”