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Staying in the home you built well into old age is a part of the American Dream. Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to bathe. A tub to shower conversion helps you maintain the mobility you deserve while reducing costs and maximizing space.

There are many reasons to prefer a shower stall over a tub or tub and shower combination. With companies such as the Bath Experts promising a full transformation in as little as one to two days, there is no reason to delay your conversion.

What are the benefits of a shower?

Shower use continues to skyrocket. According to YouGov, 66 percent of people shower once a day or more.

Many choose a walk-in stall because it is:

  1. Safer
  2. Healthier
  3. Less costly
  4. Easier to Maintain

Living less expensively, healthier, and safer is important as you age. A bath to shower conversion accomplishes all these efficiencies.


Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in your home. Of the 235,000 people who visit the emergency room with an injury from their daily care routine, thirty-three percent suffered a fall in the tub. People over the age of 85 made up more than 50 percent of cases.

Walk-in showers drastically reduce the risk of a slip and fall by eliminating the 15-inch tub side. To eliminate the danger posed by most porcelain surfaces, we install a textured shower floor using non-slip material.


Showers are both safer and healthier. Skin cells, dirt, and germs rub off as you bathe, leaving up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch in your tub.

Due to the hazards posed by taking a bath, professionals recommend you shower first. A walk-in shower helps to further eliminate bacteria by removing you from the tub completely.

Easier to maintain

The number of skin cells and germs on your tub is made worse by mold and mildew. For those with back or joint problems, stooping to clean is as tedious as scrubbing the porcelain. Not cleaning at all is even more dangerous.

You can use mops and other devices to clean your shower floor. Stay cleaner without the pain by combining a mop with strong sanitizer. Showerheads are at an arm’s length above your head for equally simple disinfection.

Lower overall cost

Showers cost less over the long run. The average bath uses 35 gallons of water at $.37 to $1.13. If you bathe once per day, that is $135.05 to $412.45 spent on water every year.

A shower will run you between $.25 and $.37 per use. That is a cost savings of $43.08 to $277.40 each year. Even though shower and bath installation costs are comparable, you can save extra money by using less water.

Tub to shower conversion in Indianapolis

Stay healthy and safe with a walk-in shower. Bath Experts in Indianapolis perform tub to shower conversions quickly. Removing your tub creates space and mobility while eliminating the need to bend over when cleaning.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you by converting your tub into a shower.