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When remodeling a bathroom for seniors, it’s important to give safety and accessibility top priority. You should consider changes that will let them move around comfortably without elevating the risk of slips and falls.

Here are a few ideas to help you get your bathroom redesigned for an aging family member.

Grab Bars

Issues with balance and stability naturally increase as we get older. We may grasp a towel rod or try balancing our weight with the help of the bathroom wall. However, objects, accessories, and walls in the bathroom may not offer the necessary support. There’s still a possibility of slipping and falling. Having sturdy support to grasp as we navigate a slippery space is ideal. 

How about well-placed grab bars? They offer a sturdy grip and can help maintain balance. Bath Experts can install grab bars or grab rails on your shower wall so the bathroom is more accessible with extra support while moving around.

Shower Seats

A shower seat can offer a more convenient and relaxed bathing experience, especially for someone who’s injured or aging. It gives them a choice to sit down in the shower. A built-in seat can provide independence, confidence, and space while taking a shower.

At Bath Experts, we offer custom shower solutions so you can easily add a comfortable shower seat to your bathroom remodel project.

Walk-In Tubs

Climbing in and out of a traditional bathtub can be challenging for anyone with mobility issues. How about replacing that bathtub? A walk-in tub with easy-access doors can be an attractive and sensible solution.

We offer SanSpa® walk-in tubs to help provide independent, luxurious soaks. Designed for seniors, it’s easy to enter and exit these bathtubs without worrying about slipping or falling. You can also combine a walk-in tub with retractable shower handles and grab bars.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

A bathtub remodel can transform your bathing experience. But if you’re still worried about safety while getting in and out of a walk-in bathtub, you may consider a more accessible option — a tub-to-shower conversion.

Bath Experts and Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel offer quality shower remodel solutions and tub-to-shower conversions that are safe and comfortable. Our showers feature built-in anti-microbial technology, so they are easy to maintain. They keep bacteria, mold, and stains away. They also feature slip-resistant flooring and low thresholds, and can be customized with other bathroom safety essentials such as grab bars and shower seats.

Let’s Get Your Senior-Friendly Bathroom Ready

At Bath Experts, we value the safety of your family. When you partner with us for your bath remodel project, you’ll have a fully-functional bathroom customized to your liking. We can add shelves and caddies, grab bars, built-in seating, and more so you can have a safer, more accessible bathroom.

Contact us now to get a senior-friendly bathroom ready in as little as one day.