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Few household chores are as dreaded as scrubbing down a ceramic tile shower. Despite all the promises made by cleaning product manufacturers to truly clean these surfaces, you’ll need to put in a tremendous amount of time and elbow grease.

Then there’s the discolored, peeling grout, which you’ll need to replace as it ages if you hope to keep water from seeping in behind the tiles.

Still, if you prefer the look of ceramic tile, you may consider all this work as an unavoidable trade-off. If so, you may have missed learning about modern shower construction applications that can give you a look you’ll love, free from all the scrubbing and maintenance.

Why Are Solid Acrylic Panels Better?

Upgrading your shower remodel to high-gloss acrylic shower wall panels will give you a sleek, modern look, and are far easier to maintain than ceramic and glass options. You can choose from dozens of styles and nearly endless colors to match virtually any design aesthetic.

Durability and Cost

High gloss acrylic panels are up to 25 times tougher than back painted glass shower wall panels and weigh half as much. That means they are quicker and safer to install and more cost-effective. For example, back-painted glass is a stylish look, but it costs about twice as much as a nearly identical look created with high gloss acrylic shower wall panels.

Once installed, acrylic will hold up over the long term. Because our products are crafted from 100% nonporous, grout-free acrylic, they’ll last for years without chipping, cracking, fading, or requiring grout touch-ups. This is not the case with materials like ceramic, which quickly shows signs of aging — fine lines and cracks, especially.

With acrylic, you don’t need to worry about water seeping in behind the material; acrylic is 100% nonporous.

Installation Benefits

Our installers are highly trained and experienced, allowing us to transform your bathing area into an oasis in as little as just one day. Bath Experts will help you completely customize your space, answer your questions, and keep you informed throughout the process.

We proudly stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty, so you know we’ll be here for you should you need us.


The non-porous surface of our shower wall panels are embedded with silver ions, providing them with antimicrobial properties. Grout-free installation makes cleaning a breeze. You can clean the bathing area with a soft cloth, sponge (safe for Teflon surface) or soft brush and warm water. To soften mineral deposits, use a solution of vinegar and water. REMEMBER: Always thoroughly rinse your bath or shower system with warm water after cleaning.

Upgrade Your Shower to Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Shower Today

At Bath Experts, we take pride in helping our clients create the designs of their dreams. We do the work ourselves and complete most projects in as little as one or two days.

Reach out today to get started! We can help you design a modern Jacuzzi shower, get started on a shower replacement, or work with you to create the perfect shower remodel plan.

Don’t forget to ask about our flexible financing options and our comprehensive, lifetime warranties.