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Are you looking to transform your bathroom to make it more modern, beautiful, and functional? Are you concerned about your moldy, broken, or outdated tub/shower? If you aren’t sure which one to go for — a complete bath remodel or a tub-to-shower conversion — Bath Experts, the exclusive Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel dealer serving the area, can help.

A Full Bathroom Remodel or Tub-to-Shower Conversion — What’s Best for You?

Evaluating the pros and cons, keeping in mind factors such as cost, time, convenience, and maintenance, can help you make an appropriate decision.

Cost of Renovation

If you’re looking at having a completely new bathroom by replacing floor tiles, the bathtub, ceiling lights, and every element in your bathroom, the project cost can vary significantly. Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters will be investing time and effort, and there could be cost overruns. 

On the other hand, a tub-to-shower conversion can be an affordable option to give your bathroom a modern look.

Renovation Time

When you embark on a complete bath renovation journey, you’ll have the freedom to choose every element in the bathroom and fully customize it. You’ll have to plan out every minute detail and explain it to the contractor so your bathroom is renovated to your specifications. However, a full-bath remodeling project will not only require a higher budget but will also take longer to complete.

With Bath Experts, you can get your new shower or tub designed from the ground up. You get to choose from a variety of Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel styles, colors, finishes, and patterns for wall surrounds, shower bases, faucets, shelves, and more. We can complete the tub-to-shower conversion project in as little as one day.

Space Constraints

If your bathroom has limited space, a bathtub can make a compact bathroom look even smaller. In such cases, simply replacing the tub with a shower and pairing it with an attractive glass enclosure can make your bathroom look spacious and bright. This simple modification can transform your bathroom, and a complete remodel may not be required.


Suppose you’re thinking of renovating the bathroom to make it more accessible and safer for a family member who struggles with limited mobility. In that case, a tub-to-shower conversion is an excellent option. Stepping up and down a bathtub can be challenging. So, if you have someone at home who uses a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or walker, we recommend a walk-in shower so they can easily access it.

At Bath Experts, safety is a priority. When you complete your tub-to-shower conversion with us, you can also opt for grab bars and choose from beautiful, comfortable, and functional built-in seating options.


At Bath Experts, we install acrylic showers manufactured by Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel. Our showers are made of nonporous material and don’t absorb water or soap, so the surface stays stain-free. They are also infused with Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection so you’ll have a clean shower area that resists mold and mildew. You won’t spend hours every week scrubbing away stains and microbial growth.

Contact Bath Experts — the Exclusive Jacuzzi® Bath Remodel Dealer in Central Indiana and Central/Southwest Ohio

Now that you know a shower remodel or tub to shower conversion seems to be the ideal bath renovation option, let’s get started. We can help you completely transform your bathroom’s visual appeal with a customized, high-quality shower. In addition to being affordable, easy to maintain, and functional, your new shower can be just as beautiful as the complete bathroom remodel you may have imagined.

Contact us now to get your dream bathroom ready in as little as a day!

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